Craft Beer

– Bootstrap.
– jQuery.

THE CHALLENGE – A home brew

I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how to build websites using Bootstrap, so I set myself the task of taking an existing design for Craft Bar, a craft beer bar, and creating a perfect working copy that was both quick to load and responsive.

The bar in question

THE METHOD – Hand-crafted

This project was a great opportunity to explore the strengths and weaknesses of creating websites using Bootstrap.

Hand-crafted Bootstrap HTML

Probably the first noticeable difference to this approach compared to building a site in WordPress, is that it requires you to write lines of HTML for each individual element rather than using existing templates where the code is pre-written. This is obviously a much more labour intensive way of doing things.

Another problem is the fact the website I created is static, making it difficult to update with new content. This was not particularly important for this project as many of the bar’s details will remain the same. But I think the “Our Beers” section for example would benefit from the use of a PHP module as this would allow the user to easily keep the range of beers available up to date without having to delve into the code.

Sweet nectar of the gods

However, this approach is not without its advantages. It requires you to think deeply about the structure and layout of a page, a useful exercise in its own right for any web developer.

Bootstrap provides a level of control that allows for endless possibilities. I imagine it could be useful for creating design templates in the future. It also makes it easy to keep your code light and organized. This has benefits for page loading times and figuring out what went wrong if problems arise in the future.

THE RESULT – A crafty pint

Creating a static website for Craft Bar was probably not the ideal solution as the client would probably want to update content from time-to-time in a user-friendly way.

However, I did succeed in creating a snappy, responsive website. I also learnt a lot about the pros and cons of using Bootstrap to build websites. While it may not be a complete solution, it is a powerful tool to have in my box that will no doubt be useful in the future.

“Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”

– Homer Simpson