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04 Work

Screenshot of Port Regis homepage

Port Regis_

Performance and preserving picture quality were important for this school site.

It uses a combination of Statamic and Tailwind to ensure smooth animations, fast load speeds and images that are crisp and clear.

AlpineJS | CSS Animation | Statamic | Tailwind |
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screenshot of the Wool Library's homepage

The Wool Library_

A Shopify build for a clothing company using an unconventional five-column grid.

This site also includes a custom built vertical slider and plenty of homemade CSS animations.

AlpineJS | CSS Animation | Javascript | Shopify | Tailwind |
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screenshot of the Audeo homepage


A website for a company providing audio and visual solutions for office spaces.

This was a Statamic build that used a combination of Tailwind, AlpineJS and vanilla Javascript to create a dynamic visual experience full of movement and animations.

I also helped to style their Shopify storefront.

AlpineJS | Antlers | Javascript | Shopify | Statamic | Tailwind |
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screenshot of sobold homepage


A web design agency site using custom WordPress Gutenberg blocks with ACF.

I used the AnimeJS library and SVG animations to create a shifting, amorphous blob asset that appears throughout the site.

ACF | AnimeJS | Gutenberg | SCSS | SVG Animation | WordPress |
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screenshot of SEO London homepage

SEO London_

A custom WordPress theme for a SEO consultant who wanted to update the look and feel of their old site.

This project involved a deep dive into Lighthouse checks as SEO was very important to the client.

ACF | Javascript | PHP | SCSS | WordPress |
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Screenshot of Epik homepage


A fun and friendly tailored theme for a marketing agency.

Uses Javascript animations, AJAX and a highly customised Contact Form 7 form.

ACF | Javascript | PHP | SCSS | WordPress |
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screenshot of Foster Lomas homepage

Foster Lomas_

A sleek, minimalist custom WordPress theme for an architecture firm.

Uses a Javascript library to create a masonry grid for displaying their portfolio work.

ACF | Javascript | PHP | SCSS | WordPress |
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screenshot of M7 Real Estate homepage

M7 Real Estate_

A multisite WordPress build for an international, real-estate investment company with sites in different countries.

A custom coded theme with re-usable ACF blocks that can be tailored towards the language and content of individual country sites.

ACF | Javascript | PHP | SCSS | WordPress | WP Multisite |
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screenshot of Zia Lucia homepage

Zia Lucia_

I worked a part of a team to create a custom theme for a chain of pizza restuarants.

I used PHP, SCSS and ACF to create flexible content blocks and also some SCSS animations to bring some slices of pizza to life on the homepage.

ACF | jQuery | PHP | SCSS | SCSS Animation | WordPress |
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